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You don’t need experience in coding to learn SEO. Just read this article and learn SEO fast. We provide SEO services for our clients as well.

SEO – stands for search engine optimization SEO. Every search engine strives to give the best spelling bee answers to its users. For results of their query for every single search.

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What is the difference between paid ads and simple search engine optimization?

When anyone makes a decision about paid ads on Google. Google’s search engine Google shows results when anyone puts your keywords on Google.

When your paid amounts are consumed, Google stops your advertised keywords as an ad. Your site and business sleep till your next paid ad.

SEO is a permanent solution for your site ads to get trafic. Your site gets organic traffic on a permanent basis. You do not need paid advertisements on Google with your search engine optimization. SEO is a good process to guide Google to show your web results. When anyone searches for your keywords on Google at any time globally.

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Your content automatically takes place on top of Google results organically. SEO makes it possible to rank your site on top of search results. It is not easy but it is possible for an SEO-skilled person or an SEO agency.

How many searches were held on google globally?

More than 75% percent of global searches begin with Google. This means that your site is at the top of Google’s ranking. You have captured more than 75% of the global market.

The global scope of SEO in the market for home-based jobs

Before further discussion, we analyzed home-based jobs for SEO. In the global market, SEO is the most important factor for an online business. Millions of clients are seeking SEO experts from around the world.

You can make money online with SEO skills. If you have a laptop and an internet connection. You can make money online without investing a single dollar.

After reading this article you can understand on-page search engine optimization SEO. As well as off page seo service search engine optimization SEO as well.

How did the search engine work? || SEO Company Primelis

Search engines crawl website data every single hour worldwide. It reads the information that content creators are giving to visitors. The results will show the same keywords studios globally with different geo-locations.

When a person searches for a query from anywhere in the world using any search engine. The search engine tries to provide the best results from global sites.

The search engine gives millions of results for one query of a user. It ranks these answers from websites.

It shows more than ten best answers on its first page. It shows the 2nd best on the 2nd page and the 3rd, 4th, and so on as well.

The search engine stats show hundreds of pages to the readers for that query.

Search engines are striving to give the best results to their users for their searches.

Search engines have many scientific methods to read data from a site. If a search engine found a great result from a site then the search engine shows that result on top for its users.

How do search engines analyze page indexes for SEO?

Search engines are the best examples of a super librarian. It works like a librarian when someone puts their query on a search engine. It reads all the libraries and shows you the top results options.

It also means when a user searches a query search engine before showing results. It reads the library with hundreds of factors. Analyze the results and show the best options to the reader.

Some of the SEO factors that are the most affected factors have been discussed in this write-up.

Why is SEO important for marketing?

Search engine optimization is a basic part of SEO. People around the world are searching trillions of queries in a single minute. The searches were held on various search engines.

If you have a good team that does SEO for your site. It helps to be visible on the top pages of Google or any of the search engines as well. In this case, people who are searching for your product or service visit your site as a priority.

Your competitors can become your 2nd or third priority for your consumers or clients.

In simple words, a site with good SEO is a shop on the frontline. They make more money because they are visible in front of their customers.

A site without SEO is a shop in the basement that is not accessible to its consumers.

How does SEO work to bring sites to top search engine results?

Digital marketers are people who know about SEO and “how search engines work”?

Digital marketers have scientific knowledge about search engines and their website reading methods. They have the knowledge to improve your site on top results of search engines. They know about search engine requirements. How do search engines work to show a website on its top result?

What does an SEO clerk do?

A digital marketer optimizes websites and facilitates search engines to read site data. When a site is crawled with a search engine’s crawler. It saves the data in its cache.

So when a user searches for a query from any search engine. It shows the answer in seconds. Because it had been reading the data in advance. The SEO clerk works to optimize content with search engines.

SEO clerks guide search engines to read content and save it in their memory. This scientific method is called page indexing on search engines like Google.

SEO Strategies: Black Hat vs White Hat

Black hat SEO

When people want to play a quick game. It may work in the short term and it is not good for your site. People are stuffing keywords or scraping links to rank quickly. It is called black hat SEO.

White hat SEO

Lord’s Consultant always plays a long-term game. It builds you a sustainable online business. You will enjoy your customers for your whole life. It is very good for my own website and really good for my clients as well.

White hat, SEO has no short-term results. It is a long-term permanent SEO game. I personally recommend that my students only do white-hat SEO. It is for long-term benefits for their clients. When a client is satisfied with your work you make a long-term relationship with the client. Your permanent clients are your asset for the rest of your life.

Google does not allow some practices for ranking

  • keyword stuffing & Invisible text

The invisible text is harmful to your site ranking. On the other hand, it is not good ethically. It is an outdated formula from many years ago. People with a poor mindset do this practice.

People were stuffing keywords at the bottom of their content. And they made the same color as the background. This method will blacklist you within just a few days.

Google is able to read this type of text with its system.

People practice the same bad strategy for keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is an outdated formula. Place keywords at the bottom of your content that do not belong to you.

●       Duplicate or the same content

Many types of duplicate content are in the bad tradition of the content writing field. People want to rank their sites with duplicate content. They are living in the haven of fools.

When people try to rank a site with some keywords,  the hanged man upright card keywords. They place duplicate content with bulk keywords on their site. Google.

  • Inappropriate linking practice

If you are going to purchase bulk backlinks from any of the sites. It is not good practice for your SEO. Many vendors on Fiver offer packages with 10k backlinks at cheap rates.

If you go through and purchase that type of inappropriate link for the site. It’s bad practice for organic traffic for a site.

You should publish the appropriate content. on your niche-related site that has good own traffic. It is good for your site.

I have spent more than a decade in the SEO digital marketing field. All you can learn from this content is white-hat SEO.

What are Google’s recommendations for the best SEO?

Google does not recommend a clear strategy for search engine optimization. They do not even recommend some time guest blogging for SEO.

But we have experience in many diverse strategies. Build high-quality links for ranking on Google. So, have confidence in SEO to create high-quality content. For search engine optimization on Google and other search engines.

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How can I learn SEO? || SEO guide for beginners

There are hundreds of factors that are taking affect your SEO. But these three factors are very important for your fast SEO growth.

Off-page SEO?

off page seo checklist 1. Choose relevant, keyword-rich page titles 2. Write unique, descriptive meta descriptions for each page 3. Use heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to break up content 4. Include keyword-rich content throughout the page 5. Use alt tags to describe images 6. Add internal and external links to relevant content 7. Include social sharing buttons 8. Optimize page load time 9. Use a sitemap to index pages 10. Monitor page performance with Google Analytics.

Learn On-page SEO in simple ways

On-page search engine optimization SEO is about indexing your page content on Google. In simple words. It is about your content value. You will write high-quality content regularly.

Make it possible with your meta tags. and headlines to contain high-ranking keywords. So you can create trending or informative content your reader feels fun.

When readers like your content. They definitely share your content on their social media it brings traffic to your site.

Importance of page loading speed for on-page SEO

Most importantly, in on-page SEO. Please check the page loading speed on any browser and an SSL certificate. Is it working on your landing page? You can conduct your web performance test on Click here to page performance test.

SSL certificate is the most important for an SEO

SSL certificate is the most important factor for your on-page SEO. You can use an SSL certificate for a free SSL certificate from zero SSL.

SSL protects your data from hackers’ attacks and unwanted disturbances on your site.

On-page SEO with high-quality content

You can publish high-quality content on your landing page. It will be relevant to your niche. You can describe your business in simple words on your website or blog.

Content writing learns fast.

Content marketing is a technique used to engage people on your site or a client site. We write with two types of write-ups.

Simple blog writing

SEO Content Writing

Best ways to write a simple trending vlog in minutes

Vlogs are the most important factor to engage your website’s visitors. The most affected content writing will be about an author’s life stories, news, or hot trends. That is , growing in the writing field.

These days most viewed vlogs are about the life of a celebrity trending.

If you have some effective skills you can write and teach people about your skills.

Vlogs on skills development are in hot trend these days. These contact ideas affect your readers when you write to tell an interesting story.

Simply these simple vlogs will be about the stories that you experience for the rest of your life.

Best SEO writing skills in just minutes

If you want to become an SEO content writer, you are in the best place on the planet. In this vlog, I will try to teach you in a simple way. After reading this write-up you can write good content for your website or your client as well.

Top SEO writing tools that will help you write the best articles

If you want to become a top content writer without wasting your time. Please read and understand this article.

Please login to your Gmail account, go to your docs home and click on Add-on. Search semrush stock SEO writing assistant tool. You can make an account on this tool for free.

Please create an account on any alternatives to Semrush for SEO. And writing assistant you can put at least two keywords in dropbox. Click on the search button.

Your SEO submissions will begin on your right side. This indicates your SEO score and your content readability score for free as well. You can see keyword ideas, paragraph word limits, and many more you can imagine.

In this writing assistant. You can see more metrics in your SEO writing like the originality of your content and tone of voice.

Best tool for writing a good article without errors

You can upload “Grammarly“. It is a free writing assistant tool. It is also available as an extension for your Google Chrome browser. It helps you to encounter spelling and grammar errors in your writing for free.

Learn off-page SEO in simple ways

You can start your off-page SEO in some simple ways like guest posts on other sites. They have good SEO metrics on search engines.

What is a guest blog outreach business?

Guest blog outreach business GBOB is the best business opportunity for SEO Clerks. This business works as a triangle between a client site and a vendor site. An SEO clerk works as a bridge between a vendor’s site and a client’s site.

In simple words, SEO clerks contact a client site to post their guest post on a high-ranking site.

It helps to grow a client’s site to get traffic and improve SEO ranking on google. SEO clerks charge their fees for outreach to the vendor site.

Vendor sites charge money to publish content. When an SEO engineer contacts the vendor site to publish content. They charge for publishing charges to the clerk.

Best practice for a guest post for SEO

Everyone wants to grow their brands online fast with external links. The most important thing is how to grow your website traffic with an appropriate method. The only way that is not harmful is to a site’s ranking on Google or any search engine.

If anyone wants to adopt a guest blogging method to improve their online presence. I always appreciate this method, but if you place your web links on a site that is not matched your niche. It is not good for your site. It’s called spamming you are going to be panelized on google.

You should publish your articles. With do-follow links on the site niche that is well-matched with your site. The guest post on a good site with a relevant niche provides value for readers and gives you link juice well. It is helpful to your site ranking on google.

Importance of votes from good traffic site off-page SEO

It is very important for off-page SEO to divert traffic from a good traffic website.  We call this traffic considering votes from another source of traffic.

Mr. Rao Muhammad Ibad, head of SEO company primelis at Lords Consultant. It is the best SEO company primelis. He is a Professional guest post blogger. He helps you to gain these types of votes for your site. You can hear them improve your site traffic from other websites.

The best way to off-page SEO is simple and what is ahref?

If you are completely satisfied with the on-page SEO on your site. You must start your off-page SEO. You will contact a good SEO content writer. who creates high-quality content for you. You can reach the website admins of NEWS SITES that have good traffic. It is called Domain Authority DA in scientific language. You can check these vendor site matrices on ahref SEO tools for free. That shows you the DA and traffic of vendor sites.

what is ahref?

what is ahref? Ahrefs is a powerful suite of SEO tools used by digital marketers and SEO professionals to improve their rankings, track their competitors, and conduct in-depth keyword research. It provides a comprehensive set of data and analytics from a variety of sources, including link analysis, keyword research, and backlink monitoring.

Guest blogging

If an admin of a site agrees to publish your content on the subject site, you can send it to publish your content. Your contacts must have backlinks to your site.

Request the website owner to please place your content. As well as with at least two do-follow links for your site.

When users of a vendor site read your content. If they like its information, they can definitely click on your site’s links. This traffic from the vendor site has been diverted to your site as well. This traffic calls votes from another site for your site. It is very important for your site’s SEO metrics.

Simple best tips for content writing for on-page SEO

SEO content writing is an integral part of content writing. You can definitely learn more about writing SEO content writing. An SEO content writer charges more than the fee compared to a normal content writer. On the other side of SEO, content writers have many more job opportunities in the market.

Guide to doing SEO content writing in some simple best ways

In simple words, you can target keywords. In your write-up that people around the world are searching for on Google.

For example, if you want to write about health or reducing belly fat you can write on these keywords in your search. You can see many websites about health. These results are optimized on Google.

You can write these keywords in your article. This is called SEO content writing. For your keyword research, you can go to ubersuggest reviews. It is the best SEO keyword research tool for free. Google auto-suggest is a good tool for SEO.

What should be the word count for your best SEO article

According to Google, your word count for SEO articles should be 1500 to 2000 words at least. You can count your words on any online word counter.

The best ways to check your competitor’s articles rank on Google

To check your competition on Google you can write your headline on Google search. You can check the top ten article’s words and write your article more than your competitor’s article.

It is a very simple way to rank your article on Google.

Best tips for writing your article with the right traffic keywords

You can write your keywords naturally in your article. Before choosing keywords, you can note their traffic ratio on ubersuggest.

Best free tools to top your headlines on Google

If you want to place the top of your articles on google this write-up is very important for you. You can use some most important tools for free to check your headline’s ranks on Google.

Many tools are available on the internet for checking your headline’s strength on Google. But I recommend your best tool for headline SEO free headline analyzer tool.

Meta description to write the best content for SEO

You can write a meta description for your search-engine-optimized content. It is very important for search engine optimization SEO.

What is a meta description?

A meta description is a paragraph about all your content. You can see it when you search for a keyword on Google.

You have seen many suggested paragraphs with headlines in your search results. It’s called a meta title. Meta titles are published in coding. These paragraphs are not published in your main article body.

Meta discretion is published in the meta box to describe your article, to the readers in short words.

This image presents a meta-description on Google search. When we put a keyword in the search engine.

Lords Consultant is a renowned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enterprise seo company primelis. We offer the best services to our clients. SEO is a process of optimizing a website to make it more visible on search engine results. SEO is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. And helps businesses. To increase their online visibility and reach out to more potential customers.  Lords cuckold consultant offers the best SEO services. To its clients by using the latest techniques and strategies.

They specialize in organic traffic, meaning they focus on creating content. That is tailored to their clients’ needs and that is optimized for search engine results. They also work on creating high-quality backlinks, which are links from other websites. To your own website. This helps in increasing the website’s visibility. And ranking on search engine results.

seo services primelis

Lords seo consultant has several experienced SEO professionals. On their team who are experts in their field. They use their knowledge and experience. To develop the best strategies for their clients. One of their main services is the Primelis SEO Company, which helps their clients. To increase their website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results. This company uses the latest techniques and strategies. To help businesses reach their goals. They also have other services like the SEO Yea-ji, seo yea-ji

seo hyun-jin

seo ye ji SEO.

9 best search engines globally

1. Google
2. Microsoft Bing
3. Yahoo
4. Baidu
5. Yandex
6. DuckDuckGo
8. Ecosia


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Google is the most popular search engine globally. Now! they claim Google is not a search engine, it is an answering engine as well.

It allows you to search for many types of content at a time. When you type a query on search. It shows you many types of content like videos, pictures, books, text, and more to reach your search topic. More than 75% of searches are held on Google worldwide. It means it is the most popular search engine worldwide. So I say google is a top search engine globally. This is because digital marketers are focused on Google. They optimize a site for top results on Google’s first page. If digital marketers work on-site for google. It means marketers captured 75% global market for this site.

2. Bing


Bing is a great search engine. It uses modern techniques to give appropriate results for user searches. It belongs to Microsoft. It is a top global company. Please find the bing.

3. Yahoo

Yahoo Logo

Yahoo is an American search engine that gives you a super-searching experience. It has a 1% market share. In October 2015 Yahoo collaborated with Google and Bing for their search-related business. Please search here:

4. Baidu


baidu fanyi or baidu chinese geelykharpalcnbc Baidu is a Chinese search engine founded in early 2000. It is most popular in China as well as worldwide.

5. Yandex


According to Alexa, Yandex is the 30th most popular site worldwide. It ranked 4th in Russia. It provides email and search services as well. Please find Yandex, yandex games, translate yandex, yandex images yandex search here.

6. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo is serving ninety million + searches around the world. It has not their own search engine like Google or other search engines. But it believes they give results from a variety of sources. They claim a 0.6% market share around the world.

why duckduckgo is bad?

why duckduckgo is bad? It is not a bad search engine it is ok. DuckDuckGo does not track its users, and it has no personalized search results, which can be seen as both a positive and a negative depending on your perspective. Additionally, DuckDuckGo does not have as many features as other search engines such as Google, making it less effective for complex searches.

7. has the popular name Jeeves. It has a market share of searches of 0.42% approximately.

8. Ecosia

Ecosia Business Model

Ecosia was established in 2009 in Berlin. Its founder’s name is Christian Kroll. The main reason Ecosia was created was to help in financing planting trees projects. It is thus known as the “tree planting search engine”.

Ecosia is in partnership with Bing. So we can say “its searching results shown with help of Bing”.ecosia vs google.

9. AOL


AOL was founded on June 23, 2015, under the company name “Version Communications” like aol mail and my aol.

This is a popular website for this company and

This is a popular search engine with a 0.05% global market share.

Best Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Thanks so much for being with us to learn SEO. In this article, I tried my best to teach you about SEO. But if you have any queries about SEO. You can contact us through the contact us page.

If you want to start your web SEO. With help of Lord’s Consultant, we are always available to provide you. with our services at very economical rates.

Local seo cost?

The SEO cast depends on many factors. You can contact us on this page. Our team members will contact you as soon as possible.

My last words after all this discussion “there are not any shortcuts for your site’s SEO. Please choose the right way to grow your business SEO. Your online presence is going to make you a millionaire.

SEO guide for event marketing || Lords Consultant

SEO guide for event marketing with Lords Consultant company. explain in 250 words  Event marketing is a great way to reach potential customers and grow a business.

However, it is important to ensure. The event is properly advertised and properly marketed. so that it will reach the right audience and draw in the right crowd.

Lords Consultant company can help you. To achieve success. In your event marketing with the help of their SEO services.   SEO is the process of increasing a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Lords Consultant company can help you optimize your event website. So that it is found by the right people. This includes keyword research, content optimization, link building, and more.

Once your website is optimized, Lords Consultant company. You can help you get the word out about your event. This includes creating social media campaign ads. As well as leveraging influencers to spread the word about your event.   Finally, Lords Consultant company can help you. Track the success of your event marketing efforts. This includes tracking website visits, conversions, signups, and more. This way, you can be sure that your event marketing is effective. and that you are reaching the right audience.  Overall, Lords Consultant company can help you make the most of your event

Get high-standard SEO

You should contact us for these kinds of SEO services.

  • Search engines can read your website crawl accessibility
  • To answer, the searcher’s query Compelling your web content
  • Keyword optimization to attract Search engines
  • Page loading speed compelling for great user experience
  • Citations, and amplification I share-worthy content that earns links
  • To draw a high CTR in the rankings Title, URL, & description
  • Standing out in SERPs schema markup
  • Guest posted on high-ranking sites

    “Rao Ibad is a creative content writer and professional SEO expert. He has more than 10 years of experience in various digital marketing fields. He has helped individual and corporate clients reach their goals. Through SEO optimizing, running ads, and managing top sites.
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