About Us

Links of research & development solutions formally known as LORDS CONSULTANTS is a knowledge-based company working in more than 20 countries globally. We provide marketing research, website designing, software development, domain and hosting services.

We are an implementation company that includes social researchers, policy experts, epidemiologists, statisticians, economists, sociologists, and anthropologists.We help generation and use of high quality and timely evidence-based researches for social change and human development by conducting qualitative researches like FGDs, KIIs, IDIs, and quantitative research with structured questionnaires, monitoring, and evaluations; and to advocate for the use of this evidence base among policymakers. Some of this work includes developing and testing innovative ideas and provides capacity building training for the betterment of an organization.

We also use the latest and technology-driven research techniques for mapping human problems and services such as the use of crowd-sourcing and innovative techniques to collect data for our clients.

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